Part 1: Getting Started with Cloud Run and Plumber

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R-powered services running on Google Cloud Run can act as webooks, APIs, apps, and even dashboards. Now that Github offers continuous integration and deployment with Cloud Run, publishing and updating these services has never been easier. This post outlines a minimal setup which will get you going. Future posts will cover using secrets securely, making interactive Slack apps, and more.


R scripts can do many amazing things besides statistical analyses. With the power of the Plumber package, they can back webpages and applications with very little code. Here are a couple custom Google Sheets examples from two previous posts of…

Using Custom Google Sheets Functions to Improve Plots

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Last Time

This is part 2 in my n-part series on using R and Python functions inside Google Sheets formulas. If you haven’t read part 1, Using R and Python in Google Sheets Formulas, I suggest doing so to see all the magic available to you. In summary, you can use R and Python code to power custom Google Sheets cell formulas by setting up a simple API in Google Cloud Run and creating Google Apps Script functions to call your API. After the initial set up, it is quick and easy to use R and Python in any Google Sheet.


Custom Programming Language Functionality in Google Sheets

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Google Sheets are Amazing!

Google’s version of spreadsheets called Google Sheets has a hidden gem which significantly increases the power of your spreadsheets called Google Apps Script. Google Apps Script uses Javascript to call other Google services, create interactive pop-up dialogs, and even make API calls. With a bit of setup, you can create spreadsheet formulas for others to use that execute R, Python, or practically any programming language code! While Shiny and Dash are great ways to share your work, following the instructions in this article, you will be able to create R and Python dashboards directly inside Google Sheets. …

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